Wanisma Craft & Trading is the largest company in Malaysia in making brass and copperware craft product. We are specialized in brass and copperware items,ranging from traditional designs to contemporary ones are still produced here. 

The process starts with making master mould from “Cengal” wood. Moulten wax is poured into the master mould. Wanisma Craft & Trading is a place where you can watch artisans working with brass as well as batik. Be amazed at their skill and see the kind of products which they are able to chum out with their expertise.

At Wanisma Craft & Trading, only quality brass or copperware are grinded and polished to produce eye-catching, shinier and longer lasting item. Technological advancement coupled with inherited skills passed down through the generations has further enhanced the technique,shape and pattern of brass and copperware products, evident today in the multitude of design.Brass and Copperware Remain as a part of Terengganu’s traditional legacy and we at Wanisma Craft brings our 300 years legacy where the arts of brass and copperware still flourish and receives constant demands.


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